Boat (ebook)

Boat (ebook)

Daisy Rose
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Cassandra makes a living selling boats to rich billionaires, so when an eccentric buyer invites her for a private party on a new boat, she doesn't think twice. What she doesn't know is that bondage, spanking and outdoor humiliation await her. Her initial reluctance is quickly overwhelmed by acute desire as Cassandra is left squirming in her bondage on the deck of the rich man's toy. ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ He had walked to the harbor with the grace of a black panther. I've worked with men who looked uncomfortable in formal-wear. No matter how rich they may have gotten, some still couldn't pull off the aristocracy of the old privileged; the sheer arrogance and haughtiness alongside the assumption that the skies should clear up if they willed it. Edward Smith was the type of man who could make a phone call and have the clouds dispersed by private aircrafts if he wanted clear skies. I could see it in the way he walked. He was almost a head taller than me and made his way down the wooden pier confidently in a suit that looked tailored specifically to fit his muscular, yet lithe form. Like me, he was wearing a pair of black sunglasses to shield against the bright sun. There were a few other people in the pier with us, though they were a fair distance away. I paid them no heed and waited patiently for Edward to get closer to me so I could start working my specific type of charm on him. I had tried to do some research on him, but he was a notoriously elusive man. The only thing that everyone seemed to agree on was that he was richer than god. And that was more than good enough for me. His sun-kissed skin had a healthy glow to it and when he closed the distance between us, I felt the air grow heavy with an unspoken desire. He was probably a good ten years older than me but his rich lifestyle meant he would continue looking thirty even when he reached fifty. "Good morning, Mr. Smith," I said with my hand outstretched. The cool air blew my hair out of my eyes when he wrapped an arm around my waist and drew me to him. All the air went out of my lungs in my surprise and I gazed up to his eyes. His gaze was dark beneath the sunglasses, conveying a deep-seated desire that constricted my throat. .

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Boat (ebook)


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