Mrs. Claus Comes Once A Year (ebook)

Mrs. Claus Comes Once A Year (ebook)

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Here is the lowdown on what Mrs. Claus is doing while her husband is on his trip around the world. She is giving and receiving some trips around the world, and all other kinds of sexual activity with horny elves, both male and female. It also details two young elves who meet and get together for some private fun and games. This is a fantasy for adults only. ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ All the candy and toys, for the good little girls and boys had been carefully loaded into the sleigh and, for the last time, Santa Claus was checking his list, actually a long printout from his huge main-frame computer. It’s a fallacy that he only checks it twice; the monitoring is an ongoing process. It has to be because sometimes a little boy or little girl will be good enough to get by for almost the entire year, but then suddenly insist they won’t eat their spinach, or start sassing their parents or teachers or refusing to share their candy or doing other naughty things. Children who do too many things like that, of course, get nothing but lumps of coal in their stockings. Santa used to give out switches, to be used for whipping bad children, until the Child Protective Services got a Cease and Desist Order against him. Once he was sure that everything was ready, he sprang to his sleigh and to his team gave a whistle. Seconds later, they had all flown away like the down of a thistle. The words “Donner and Blitzen” were still echoing when the gorgeous and sexy Mrs. Claus rang the assembly bell. All the elves knew what that meant, and they were overjoyed to hear it. Every year, Christmas Eve is the only bright spot in their lives. For one thing, the sound means the fat old slave driver is gone until the following day and they finally have some respite from making toys in his sweat shops. The main reason, though, was that his horny young wife was also out from under his sharp and disapproving eye for the first time since the previous Christmas Eve. Anybody who wanted, assuming they were at least 18 years old, would be joining her in an all-night sex orgy, and the assembly bell was calling them all to come and join the fun. There were hundreds of elves, male and female, gay and straight, but mostly bisexual. Mrs. Claus couldn’t service all of them, although she would have liked to. She would, however, be in the center of the assembly hall, and the focus of the orgy, but most of the elves would just be getting it on with each other. She had been virtually naked when she rang the bell and, while its peals were still reverberating, Mrs. Claus strode quickly to the king-sized mattress that had been dragged in there for her earlier. It had been made with industrial-strength springs and padding, since it had to support Santa Claus, and it would need that durability for the heavy use she and as many elves as possible would be giving it that night.

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Mrs. Claus Comes Once A Year (ebook)


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