Riding You Hard!!! (ebook)

Riding You Hard!!! (ebook)

Kim Hardwick
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DESCRIPTION: 44 Story Mega-Bundle - Finally, after much controversy, the most sordid, depraved collection of father/daughter loin pounding, anal fisting stories is available! They said it couldn't be done; some even said it shouldn't be done, but what do they know? From the first story where Debbie takes a shower with her daddy until the final shocking tale, this HUGE collection will confirm what we all know. Young girls love it big, thick and without protection! Wow! EXCERPT: I opened the door and tossed my bathrobe onto the floor and jumped in the shower with my naked father before he could say anything. “Daddy, sorry to barge in but Kathy is coming to pick me up in ten minutes to go to the mall and I have to shower; I am such a pig!” “Debbie, what the fuck?” Daddy was shocked; speechless, actually. Well, almost. He did say WTF. “Daddy I don’t have time to argue, I have to really shower.” And before he could say anything I reached up and grabbed the shampoo and poured some onto my blond hair. “Daddy, could you scrub my back while I shampoo?” I had to act quickly, make my story convincing. I rubbed the shampoo vigorously while I subtly back onto daddy and was surprised to feel his cock bump against my butt. It was hard; really hard. “Come on daddy, I’m in a rush!” I backed even further into his man meat. It felt so hard. I just wished he would stab my throbbing virgin pussy with it. Daddy hesitated a second, then he did as I asked. I felt his hands on my backside, soaping me up with his sponge. I almost came as his hands began to feel me up. I tried to act as if showering with my father was the most natural thing in the world. I turned to face him, exposing my nipples as well as the rest of my body. Daddy’s eyes traveled from my nipples down to my pubic area. The way he was looking at me aroused me almost made me cum. Oh, and he had a raging hard-on, too. “Daddy, could you lather my front up while I add conditioner on my hair? I really have to rush.” I immediately applied the conditioner while facing him. My two arms were up massaging my hair, completely exposing the front of my 19 year old body for him to clean. Hesitating for a second, daddy began to lather up my neck, then my tummy and my legs. He avoided touching my tits, or pubic area. “Daddy, come on, don’t waste time, lather me all up; don’t skip a spot!” I was crossed that he was getting all shy on me. I mean, when a fertile young woman jumps into the shower with you, the least you could do is clean her nipples, right? I continued to massage my hair with my eyes closed, my erect nipples pointing at him. I didn’t want daddy to think that this was some fucked up sexual thing; not yet, at least. “This is wrong. Amy, I’m stepping out, we can’t risk your mother finding us here.” “Daddy, wait! You haven’t finished cleaning me. Come on, I’m your daughter, its not as if I were a stranger.” I reached out for his hand and brought it to my nipples. “Come on daddy, I don’t have time to argue with you!” I guided his hand as he began to work on my tits. That felt so good. I leaned back and let he hot water rinse my hair while pushing out my nipples for daddy. “Amy, we shouldn’t…” “Daddy, can you do me a big favor and soap my ass crack?” Without waiting for his response, I turned around and leaning forward, spread my ass cheeks. For daddy, that is.

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Riding You Hard!!! (ebook)


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