Daddy'S In My Holes #8 (ebook)

Daddy'S In My Holes #8 (ebook)

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It's time for some hot virgin sluts to get taken by their daddies! These hot daddies take their virgin daughters for the first time and pop their cherry, then fill them so full that their eyes roll up in the back of their head! Read all about it! ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ Jeremy feels bored and horny as he drives along the highway towards the Paul Bunyan Statue. Ariana breathes a sigh of boredom. Her daddy is sitting beside her in the driver's seat—at least he has something to do, driving the car on their way to the Paul Bunyan Statue. "Ooh, daddy, pull over!" Ariana suddenly exclaims, sounding excited. "Huh?" Jeremy says, automatically slowing the car down. "What is it?" "Arrowheads!" she announces, and when the car is pulled over she hops out, Jeremy putting the car into park and then following her. He walks over to find his daughter looking around near the car. The road is empty for miles all around. It's just the two of them. "I swear they were here!" she says, standing up, looking disappointed. "Aw honey, I'm sure we'll find some. Don't worry," he says, and Ariana nods. She walks up to her daddy, resting her head against his chest. He puts his arms around her and give her a pat, reassuring her. When Ariana pulls back, it's just to look up into her daddy's eyes. He's looking down at her. His heart begins beating fast, and so does hers. There's nobody else around for miles. Jeremy can't believe how he's feeling right now. Ariana's looking up at him, those doe eyes just asking to be taken. He can feel a stirring in his pants already. Of course, that can't be what she really wants…can it? "It's nice being with you during the day," Jeremy says to his daughter. "It sounds lame, but sometimes I get kind of lonely." "Oh, well," Ariana says. "To be honest, coming home to see you is the best part of my day." She looks up into her daddy's eyes, and he's looking down into hers. "In fact, I…I can't wait to see you," she says.

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Novela fantástica
Novela de Ciencia Ficción y Fantástica
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Daddy'S In My Holes #8 (ebook)


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