Who Bred Mom? (ebook)

Who Bred Mom? (ebook)

Tina Zandar
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DESCRIPTION Who knocked up Susan? Her husband's boss who caused her to climax? The boss's sweet, but expert teen son whom she felt sorry for and invited into her bed? Her own son, to whom she surrendered after his plea for just 'one time' in her arms? Or her slutty daughter's virgin fiancé who was clueless until Susan lovingly deflowered him and changed her own life forever. EXCERPT He sheds his shorts and advances between my thighs. He's erect. He's ready to invade my womanhood. I'm moist, so it probably won't be painful. My God, how can I continue to like a man who is about to degrade me? I raise my legs. If I'm about to be violated I can at least make it comfortable for myself. But what? What is happening? Instead of his prong invading my cunt, I see his head dip down out of sight and sense his lips covering my shaved pussy with kisses. I hear him making appreciative sounds. Oh, God, what is he going to do? My pussy has never been kissed before. I think it is disgusting; so does my husband, Scott. Shit! It tickles. I want to giggle. I try to evade his lips. But to where? God, please save me... God, make somebody open the door and see us, interrupt this rape... NO! I silently scream when his tongue begins to lap at my pussy. Then and even louder silent scream when his tongue ventures into my crack. I want to push him away. One of my hands comes to rest on the back of his head. I'm strangely powerless to shove him away. Then I realize what is next and every part of me -- except my hand -- recoils. No, Susan! No matter what, you MUST stop him before he... But it is too late. I think I emit a yelp. I think I gulp a mouthful of air. I'm not sure... The reason I'm not sure is that the tip of his tongue has momentarily touched my clit, causing a shut-down of virtually all common sense. I'm paralyzed with fear that my love bud has been awakened. Until this very moment I had ignored that small nubbin of flesh buried in my pussy, assuming that Guido would by-pass it, mainly intent on plunging his stick into my unwilling cunt. What self-respecting rapist ever thinks about a sleeping clit? I would plead with God to disconnect my clit, but he or she probably has more important tasks at hand. Is there anything I can do? Not likely. Guido soon takes the decision out of my hands with a second, slower pass at my clit. I regretfully acknowledge that it is all downhill from here. All I can do is valiantly attempt to minimize the damage the Italian is about to inflict on me. He's thoughtful. He doesn't rush things. That in itself is a problem. If only he'd get down to business and get it over with! Instead, I soon realize that he is going to humiliate me to the greatest degree a woman can be shamed, degraded. That is, make me climax while being raped. As there is no escape, no recourse, I decide to surrender. What happens first? First I realize that my cunt is sodden. Sodden! Lubrication must be flowing out of it like rampaging river. And what does a soaking wet cunt need? Well, it wouldn't be wet unless it wanted, and expected, a hard cock to be inserted. Soon. So the result is a wet, aching, disappointed cunt. Then there are the humiliating sound effects. Although I somehow refrain from shouting, "Fuck me for Christ's sake' I can't stop a plaintive cry for relief.

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Who Bred Mom? (ebook)


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