Mom'S Happy Ending (ebook)

Mom'S Happy Ending (ebook)

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When Tom and his friends win money they give themselves a serious treat: a ‘happy ending’ massage at Nikki's Spa. The spa has a policy of keeping the girls anonymous, and Tom keeps a towel over his face the entire time. Tom has an incredible time, and his ending was pretty damn happy. Tom's happy ending is about to turn into a surprise ending when he finds out who gave him his massage: his mother! ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ “I bring it up because it’s still true,” he told her, walking over to stand in front of the coffee table. “I’m in college now and Matt’s still showing guys your picture and telling them about,” he rolled his eyes. “Tom’s hot mom. He says he’s trying to get me more friends.” “Friends like that you don’t need. Tell Matt if he doesn’t stop I’ll get pictures of when he was a fat little kid from his mom and send you to school with them.” “That would be awesome!” Tom clapped his hands. Mom shook her head, then rubbed at her cheek and Tom noticed she had the same deep red on her nails Molly had. “Get your nails done today?” he asked, a little unnerved that seeing his mother’s nails got him thinking about what Molly’s hand would have looked like on his… “Yup, toes too.” Mom gave him a sly smile. “Got another treat today too.” “Right!” Tom remembered. “You said you were going to treat yourself to something today and it was a surprise. Did you do it?” “I did.” Mom’s smile grew. “Not sure if you’ll like the idea, but this was something I’d always wanted and never had the nerve, but the other day I said screw it and decided to get this!” Mom sat back and lifting her leg put her bare foot on the table. On the top of her foot was a brand-new, still red, swollen, and way-too-familiar tattoo. “It’s…a butterfly,” Tom whispered feeling as if he’d just been punched in the stomach. “I’ve always loved them, and they signify change, and life’s been a lot of changes the last year, and I feel like I’m finally changing to match it.” Tom nodded, as his mind was overwhelmed with a rapid fire series of thoughts. The nails and tattoo same as Molly. Mom was Molly. Mom’s new part time job was a masseuse who gave ‘happy endings.’ Mom was performing sexual acts on total strangers. His mother had given him a blowjob!.

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Mom'S Happy Ending (ebook)


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