Predator In The Pews (ebook)

Predator In The Pews (ebook)

Cora Smith
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After a 20-year marriage ended in divorce, Cora, a single mother of three, turned to her church as a safe place to worship, receive hope and heal from her broken relationship. She never expected that in her most vulnerable state, a predator would be lurking inside the peaceful sanctuary she sought for refuge, hiding under the cloak of ministry and waiting for a victim to manipulate. Cora shares the true story of her ordeal, from putting her trust in the wrong individual and losing almost everything, to picking up the pieces of her life and relying on a strong faith to overcome her obstacles. After I decided to become Craig’s business partner in March 2006, I found myself giving him more and more money without any receipts or contract. I gave him money month after month with little to no return on the investments, all in the name of helping other people. I took care of the FedEx shipping, ordering, deliveries, and all the complaints, but I wasn’t making a dime. Craig claimed that all of the money and profits, which came into the business, were put back into the business, so he said. The problem was all the initial investment money came from me by way of personal loans. Craig conned me into believing that all of my investing was for our future and for the future of our children. Well, he told me he loved me so why wouldn’t I believe him? Cora discovered that the person she believed to be a caring, Christian minister who was determined to help her start over was actually a cunning, devious person with another life she knew nothing about. Cora’s story demonstrates the strength of the human spirit to overcome and conquer the pain and challenges created by deceit, multiple lawsuits and overwhelming debt. Her triumphant story of faith offers inspiration and hope to readers. Cora Smith received a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Howard University and a master’s degree in transportation management from San Jose State University, Norm Mineta Transportation Institute. She is a licensed professional civil engineer, currently working for a world renowned engineering firm as a senior construction manager in Southern California. This is her first book.

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Predator In The Pews (ebook)


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