Lost Treasure Of The Fourth Reich (ebook)

Lost Treasure Of The Fourth Reich (ebook)

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Lost Treasure of the Fourth Reich is an historically based suspense thriller emanating from the unrecovered twenty percent of gold and other treasures stolen by the Nazis between 1939 and 1943 as they looted the depositories of wealth in the countries that they overran in the occupation of Europe. Billions, in today's terms, were taken and a substantial portion was transported to South America to be used in the prosecution of the Fourth Reich should the Allies prevail against the Axis powers. This work presents a fictional account of the lost treasure and its modern day recovery by adventurers. This book tells the somewhat fictional story of the need by Hermann Goering and Edward VIII to transfer and secret their wealth to a "safe haven" should Adolf Hitler's Thousand Year Reich not last as long as intended Goering. sends the German submarine U-842 from Bremerhaven, Germany to Buenos Aires, Argentina commanded by Germany's best young captain with a stop along the way at Nassau, Bahamas to carry gold and diamonds for hiding in that Nazi bastion. Along with the cargo Goering included the Das Buch Dessen Rot Ledger, i.e., The Red Leather Book, as it was known, had been compiled starting before Hitler came to power and contained the names of all the collaborators in Great Britain and the United States who had fascist sympathies and had made treasonous deals to protect their positions. The existence of the Red Leather Book, and the nature of its contents were known to Churchill and others, but its contents were the toxic substance governments would kill to acquire and those with it in their possession would kill to protect. In the transit from Nassau, past the Caicos, the U. S. Navy severely damaged the submarine which escaped to the isolated seclusion of Hogsty Reef and sank in water deep enough to elude detection for six decades to be discovered by Brad Calder a diver in his late twenties.

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Lost Treasure Of The Fourth Reich (ebook)


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