Dvd Spy (ebook)

Dvd Spy (ebook)

R. Richard
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DESCRIPTION “We can do a 69 so hot you'll whack yourself off just because of watching us. We can fuck the brains out of any man. We don’t care if someone watches. In fact, the more, the merrier!” “You do care if someone watches or you wouldn't be here after a DVD. I don't have the DVD.” “Don’t give me that crap. You watched the DVD. You know Jenna and I 69. You know that daddy and mommy screw us.” EXCERPT As I walk between cars in the parking lot, someone hands me something and then disappears, before I even get a glimpse of them. The something proves to be a CD or DVD as I can feel through the manila envelope. I get in the car and think things over. Okay, I'm an outcast and presumably unemployable. There are others who are still trapped inside AS and they're very unhappy with the situation. Someone wants revenge. Someone has something on AS and wants me to basically commit suicide, by using the CD/DVD to hurt AS. My own car is in the shop and I have borrowed the car that I'm driving from a buddy of mine. I return the car to my buddy and stroll down the street to another old buddy. Frank is a strange sort of guy who never graduated from college, or high school either, for that matter. However, he has every electronic device know to man. He also has connections to every illegal operation, involved with electronics, in the city. He, according to the street, makes very good money, doing that which he does. Frank lets me in only because he recognizes me from high school days. He wants to know what I want of him. I explain about the mystery CD/DVD. Frank shrugs and leads me into his lab. He takes the disc from me and shoves it into a strange looking machine. The machine grumbles a few times and then begins to display the DVD contents on a big screen monitor. The scenes that play on the big monitor are hardcore sex. Older men are fucking young girls. Young girls are sucking the cocks of older men. At least some of the older men are high-ranking execs of AS. I can see enough family resemblance to guess that at least some of the young girls are very probably the daughters of the older men. Frank and I watch the action for a few minutes. Then Frank yanks the DVD out of the display machine and passes it through several other machines, clucking to himself as he plays whatever game he's playing. Finally he motions me to follow him and we go into some sort of vault room. Frank lectures me, “The DVD is a trap. It can be detected and traced back to a specific DVD burner. Undoubtedly the DVD burner is in some very restricted area at AS. If you try to use the DVD, they will catch you with the goods and you'll be in very bad trouble. There's only one man in the city who can help you.”.

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Dvd Spy (ebook)


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