The Best Book On Raising Autistic Children (ebook)

The Best Book On Raising Autistic Children (ebook)

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An Experienced Mother Shares Her Advice For Raising An Autistic Child Raising a child with special needs is never easy. It wasn't easy for me, either. My son Ross is profoundly autistic, and has been so since he was a baby boy. I've been through the process of raising an autistic child from infancy to adulthood. It's a heart-wrenching experience for any parent. Raising a special needs kid gets easier, but you'll need the knowledge and patience to make it work. As a mother with 30 years of special needs parenting experience, I can guide you through the most difficult challenges you'll face. The decisions you make as a parent will determine whether your child suffers or thrives under the effects of autism. Learn from my mistakes. Learn from my successes. I want to teach you how to raise a happy and healthy child. These are the strategies that worked for me, and they'll work for you too. I hope that my advice is effective and easy to follow. CHAPTER OUTLINE CHAPTER 1: AUTISM BEHAVIORS * How Do You Communicate With An Autistic Child? * What Causes Autistic Behaviors Like Rocking? CHAPTER 2: AUTISM HELP * The Common Mistakes Parents Of Autistic Kids Make * How Do I Know If My Child Is Autistic? * What Government Resources Are There To Help With Autism Care? CHAPTER 3: AUTISM IN KIDS * Unexpected Issues For Caring For Autistic Kids * What To Do If Your Child Is Diagnosed With Autism CHAPTER 4: DEALING WITH DOCTORS * What Factors Do Doctors Use To Diagnose Autism? * How Do You Diagnose Autism? * Ross's Birth: Symptoms Of Autism & The Autism Spectrum CHAPTER 5: SPECIAL NEEDS SCHOOLS * What Are Effective Teaching Methods For Kids With Autism? * Will Schools Support My Autistic Child's Learning Needs? My Best Book has these and other helpful chapters.

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