How To Stop Being A Nice Person And Know How To Really Win At Life (ebook)

How To Stop Being A Nice Person And Know How To Really Win At Life (ebook)

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“A thick skin is a gift from God.” Konrad Adenauer “There is only one way to avoid criticism; Do nothing, Say nothing, Be nothing.” Aristotle Time to get your life back effectively!!!. They have done you enough harm but there is still much opportunity to own your life. It is book aimed at people who have been victims of all forms of abuse and bullying and for those currently in those situations or a just unhappy with their lives. Catering to those who struggle to be level headed but not letting anyone harm you because of your, good nature, be it kindness or patience.You have all the power to your success and happiness when it comes to you and sometimes you do not give yourself that credit. It is time to shape up and stop being a victim and be a leader, victor and trendsetter.Take this to learn something new and unsaid. This is more than a self-help book as I discuss the best way to move forward and realise you matter . Practical, impeccible solutions are offered on how to take charge and control of your life.You will enjoy some humour and real emotion as we speak about you taking control of your life and manifesting your destiny, with no limitations and fears . Life is filled with so many uncertainities that a a thick skin can come in handy but sometimes you fear losing who you as an individual, your soul whilst putting this false façade.You can have the joy and success that belongs to you and let go of the undeserved pain and fake act caused by people who want to disrupt,control and pain you . Yes, other people are limitations and its about time to let your light shine and potential come out without them standing in your way. Now realise you are not alone. It about time we evaluate who and what you need in your life . And why you keep being nice to people who do not deserve it . And by the way what does nice really mean? The book is helpful in letting you recognize who you are and the part other people play in your life . And why you have to stop being nice but not overlapping to mean.Its about working to help you get to where you realise you are not alone and yes everything you want and dream of all matter even if it seems mountains are on your way .It is perfect for those with big dreams and hopes for the future regardless of the dull past. It is very good for people in business trying to build a name for themselves or any other cooperate goals, people in relationships or looking to be in a relationship. It is good for adults,teens and school pupils with dreams but struggle with self-esteem and being bullied. It is all about rising. Purchase a copy now!!! "Its refreshing, truthful, entertaining and I have never read any self help book like this ever, my best ever. Mr Samuel said everything I needed to hear and understand perfectly.There is so much clarity and visionary as you read, people have to read this." Natalia Simmons "I was reminded there is nothing wrong with me and I needed to hear that." Eva Daddurio "The book touch my reality and personality. It is my best read so far. " John Hekein "A lot of changes occurred in my life after realising I did not deserve a lot of the of things I was going through and I took shape and decided to go things I deserved. It is an amazing book that if you let it, it could change your life" Chris P I was reminded me that life is supposed to be full of happiness and that was a refreshing message for me to hear. Robert L. Lane "The book is unique and empowering.It is an amazing way to deal with trouble and change in your life . It helped me aim for what I have always wanted ." Pete Gray "I learnt how to escape negativity and take control of my life after . I have started aiming for emotional and physical wellness. The best book ever." Beverly Krup " I enjoyed having the thrill of someone seeming to describe my reality and giving advice on how to escape the unhappy life I lived. It touched me and my reality, even when it was not speaking of unhappiness, it was the plain truth." Keith Blanche "So much in my life has changed since reading To Stop Dying Inside. I am more refreshed and I feel like I can conquer the world. The humour present reminded me the importance of joy and happiness." Stacey Klemp "Its different and that's what makes it work. He sounds funny then nails a point straight on.We read it at the same time and both loved it.It is very motivating" Paul and Kimberly Joosey .

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How To Stop Being A Nice Person And Know How To Really Win At Life (ebook)


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