The 7 Gates Of Phi (Progressive Human Integration) (ebook)

The 7 Gates Of Phi (Progressive Human Integration) (ebook)

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It is a journey and 'guide-book’ for someone who wants to begin their journey of self -development. I feel that we live at a time where this curiosity has generally been lost – or replaced by something that is fleeting. But I feel that unless you are aware and make a conscious choice to learn about such 'self-development’ skills as active listening, or how to project confidence, or the subtle cues of social intelligence – it is very possible that you could find yourself in a situation where such skills would have benefited you and the world would have reacted in a much more interesting and dynamic way. This knowledge is not new – but the way that the knowledge is summarized, structured and also personalized … is what is innovative about this book. Most people do not want to read a 300-page book about one subject and we live in a world where being concise, simple and to the point – is a very effective strategy. I have many others to thank for their contribution to this body of knowledge. My personal vision for the 7 Gates of Phi extends farther than this book – and this is only the first step. Each module begins with a 'personal’ portrait from the author’s life. So the personal story takes place in the countries where I have lived – Egypt, Kuwait, Canada, etc. But this is a small part of the book – the rest of it is based on research and history and so does not have a specific time or place. So you can say this book takes place in the reader’s life – as they begin to apply the principles in it. It is a book that inspires change. As mentioned the personal portraits section are related to certain experiences in the author’s life – the main character is the reader. This book will appeal to many readers in many countries - because it has a very simple structure that makes it easy for readers to find and apply knowledge quickly. It contains a synthesis or summary of key concepts and also contains real exercises that readers can do.

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