The String Theory (ebook)

The String Theory (ebook)

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Johnson's Auto Garage would be considered anything but remarkable. With its faded cinder-block walls and unpaved driveway, it seems an unlikely location for a scientific breakthrough. Perhaps even more perplexing is the outwardly average mechanic who made it. But Adam James is not who he pretends to be. With his practiced Southern drawl, disheveled hair, and well-soiled mechanic's uniform, he's able to deceive those who presume to know him. None would learn of his genius or past misdeeds, not if he could help it. His self-imposed exile was to be penance for the mistakes he'd made, but truth be told, this new life in rural North Carolina has rescued him from the brink of madness. Still, almost five years later, he can't escape the haunting nightmares that keep him tethered to the day he killed her. When Adam cracks a code that has baffled the greatest minds in physics for almost a century he forgoes the comfort of his reclusive existence to validate his work. This leads him to Miranda Winfield, a brilliant and beautiful young physicist at the prestigious Buchanan University. Despite her formidable intellect, nothing could have prepared her for the meeting with Adam James. His discovery would rock the very foundations of the laws of physics, but she has doubts and suspects an elaborate hoax. As Miranda searches for answers troublesome new questions arise when she notices inconsistencies in Adam's persona. Despite her suspicions, and her best efforts to resist his charms, Miranda finds herself falling for the mysterious stranger. Brock Miller, looks every bit the part of ex-marine: broad shoulders, thick neck, sharply angled jaw, steely blue eyes, and hair neatly cut to a stubble. At forty-five, he has seen more than his share of death and destruction, much by his own hands. Fearless and lethal, he has found a lucrative market for his specialized skills as a gun for hire. His current employer just wants one thing: Adam James.

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The String Theory (ebook)


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