The Whispers (ebook)

The Whispers (ebook)

Mike Carroll
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Throughout each of our lives there have been so many experiences where logic and deductive reasoning just did not provide the answers to the challenges we were facing. We often found ourselves considering other alternatives, such as the flashes of information streaming into our minds in the form of random thoughts. In most cases, we just accepted this insight as our brains simply finding another alternative and then acting on it. We didn't ponder the question, “Wait, how is it possible that I have no experience in dealing with this particular issue, nor any potential solutions, yet I seem to know what direction to take”? Where did these thoughts come from? Perhaps we should consider the idea that there is something outside of ourselves generating these alternative approaches as well as the other inspirational thoughts that capture our awareness. Further, that this same Source or sources producing these ideas is so common for the human experiencing this life that trying to ignore them is almost impossible. In fact, the pathway for their delivery into our consciousness is such a natural part of the human spirit it has surely existed for humankind since the dawn of our journey here. If that premise is given even the slightest consideration, we can no longer take these intuitive hunches for granted or assume they originated in our brains. They are, in fact, connections that never end, and when we utilize this means of communication to maneuver within this life, we rediscover one of our greatest spiritual qualities. From the day we came into this world, the guidance we have longed for has been only a “whisper” away. If you look back at the twists and turns of your life, the opportunities and the struggles, you will remember the nudges you had at the time. The feelings about directions you either chose to take or ignore, and when you followed through on those hunches, how amazing the outcomes turned out to be.

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