An Accomplished Woman And A News Corporation: (ebook)

An Accomplished Woman And A News Corporation: (ebook)

Uthers Say
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This narrative is a story about a News Corporation that dominated Australian media during the Gillard years and the extent it was prepared to go to, to inflict its corporate will on the people of Australia. It may explain how a government that not only survived the GFC without going into recession but continued to outperform almost every country in the world has for the duration of its term looked like it was headed for a crushing defeat at the hands of voters who had been convinced that their government had not only done a bad job but was possibly the worst ever, and maybe the worst in the world. The sentiment of the people could have been echoed by the American Chairman of the News Corporation on 19 May 2013, “Oz polls show nothing can save this miserable government. Election cannot come soon enough. People decided and tuned out months ago.” At that stage for more than two years the assets of the Chairman's corporation had been working tireless to shape the sentiment of the Australian people to harmonize with those of the Chairman with a narrative that was at odds with much of the evidence of this period. The bubble that the assets of the News Corporation set up around the Australian people can best be exemplified by the occasion in 2011 when Australia was adjudged to have AAA credit rating by all three major assessment agencies. This was acknowledgment based on statistics and indicators of performance by international agencies of the quality of the Australian economy and the quality of the government that set the levers in place. The same month when Australia earned its Triple-A credit rating with all agencies for the first time ever, Murdoch's Daily Telegraph was telling Australians that “the last four years have been disastrous for Australia… There have been broken promises, billions lost and wasteful spending and economic mismanagement and sheer incompetence.

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