Chimwemwe'S Story: Beauty For Ashes (ebook)

Chimwemwe'S Story: Beauty For Ashes (ebook)

Kate Ganiza
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Set against the scenic backdrop of Blantyre, Malawi, Chimwemwe's Story: Beauty for Ashes is about Chimwemwe who lives in a world of hardship where tragedy and betrayal are common place. The tragic death of her family sparks a sequence of events that change her life forever. In this coming of age story, Chimwemwe learns much along the way. Though life throws much at her, only her perseverance, faith and dogged determination not to give up help her to keep strong. Excerpt: With a look of barely concealed condemnation he confirmed her worst suspicions, 'Yes young lady, you are pregnant – 5 months along'. A barrage of emotions hit her: shame, anger, relief that the waiting, anxiety and uncertainty were over. Then shock. She thought back to the previous week, of how she had checked her calendar to realise that she had missed her period for 3 months and not realised it, to how she had been anxious and uncertain, having to convince herself to come in, to how she had vacillated between the certainty that she was coming to the clinic and the certainty that she wasn't. One thing she was happy about though was that she had not gone to her personal GP but had come to a clinic built by one of the numerous NGO's in the country. She hastily thanked the doctor and left, having promised to return soon to get her prenatal vitamins and have her first scan. As Chimwemwe Kamanga walked down the street towards the bus stop, she was in a daze. As she waited for the bus to arrive she distracted herself by taking out a novel that she had in her bag. She knew that if she dwelt on the issues at hand she would break down and wouldn't be able to get home. Though she read, she took nothing in. With a desperate gasp, almost sob, of relief she saw the white mini bus blazing down the road towards them, dust billowing behind.

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Chimwemwe'S Story: Beauty For Ashes (ebook)


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