The Perils Of Miss Kitty (ebook)

The Perils Of Miss Kitty (ebook)

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The Perils of Miss Kitty was born out of love of two girl friends--BFFs for life. They are women dating in their 40's at this time and thrown into a totally unknown ecosystem fraught with complications and games after years of marriage. In makes sense that as life in general has gotten more complex, so follows dating. Carly and Cali's close friendship rings throughout and is a story of its own. One blond, one brunette who met in high school, formed a life-long bond transcending husbands and children. Their narration is captivating, bold and tells the readers things that women think about relationships, but rarely share with anyone but their best friend. Carly and Cali give hope to those seeking “the one” even if they have tried and failed. “The Perils of Miss Kitty” title denotes reference to the Gunsmoke television show leading lady who was an American actress best known for the role of the red-haired saloon proprietress "Miss Kitty" on the longest-running television drama (1955-1975). Miss Kitty was owner-operator of the Long Branch Saloon, from which she dispensed wisdom, whiskey, and — though not overtly — boarding room keys and "fancy" women. The playful title sets the readers expectation for a fun though serious ride through the personal experiences of two women seeking real, fulfilling relationships and love. The book gives hope that the real thing does exist, but not without learning the needful lessons along the way. The book teaches valuable lessons in anecdotal form entertaining and teaching at the same time. It could be compared to “Sex and the City” yet with two divorced mothers who are looking to balance, the x-spouses, the kids, the careers and still find a man that will bring them happiness and the true love that they have been seeking since they were 15.

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