My Father'S Heroes (ebook)

My Father'S Heroes (ebook)

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My Father's Heroes is the story of a 2nd generation Italian-American boy, Franco, growing up in New York during the 1940'to 1960's, who is torn between his mother's deeply religious beliefs and his father's prophetic pragmatism. Through Franco's eyes, we see the Roosevelt years, World War II, the Atom Bomb, the Cuban Missile Crisis and other world events unfold. While a young boy attending Parochial school, Franco witnesses the priests who are responsible for creating his moral character commit egregious acts without recourse. It is then that he realizes that the people he has been taught to respect the most, are not what they seem to be. Disenchanted with this hypocrisy, Franco and his friends rebel. Simple pranks to boys become deviant ploys that cause more troubles than fun. After a friend is brutally assaulted by a local gang, the Young Sinners, Franco and his friends realize the only way to fight back and protect their neighborhood is to form their own gang. Franco turns to his father's old friend and the local Mafia Don, Mr. Anthony, for assistance. With Don Anthony's permission and the help of the Fordham Baldies and Daggers, Franco and his friends form The Imperial Hoods. Meanwhile, Franco's father's only ability to connect and help his son is through their mutual love of the Yankees. It is through their conversations and respect for the ball players of that time, Lazzeri, Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Williams and Robinson, that they are able to create an impenetrable bond. People are hurt and the ultimate crime is committed. It is only when The Police, the Church, the Bishop and the Don are all involved that Franco realizes his own heroes and demons are also those of his father. He comes to find the age old quote, "the older I get, the smarter my father becomes," is actually true.

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