Rising Moon (ebook)

Rising Moon (ebook)

Cl Cecil
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Nestled in the mountains of North Carolina is the small quaint supernatural town of Windy Ridge. The local humans have no idea how infested their place of residence is with vampires, werewolves, and magia because those on both sides of good and evil take great strides to keep their existence a secret. Yet in the dark recesses the first vampire is creating an army of supernaturals with the sole intention of ruling the immortal realm and annihilating the human population. Levi Pierce, the leader of The Dark Assembly, collects the extraordinarily gifted of each race for his diabolical corner while a small band of misfits across town known as The Protective launch a counter defensive to thwart his plans of world domination by safeguarding the community of the looming danger. In this riveting second installment Keirnan Mosley, a rare female slayer studies the molecular build-up of the wolf pack within the manor hoping to create a tonic to alter all future unwanted transformations every full moon night allowing additional warriors to fight against the rising evil. But once unexplainable things begin to unfold, she returns to Alabama coming face to face with a past she is not ready to share with her new found family. Meanwhile the streets of Windy Ridge continue to spiral out of control when Levi cripples the group of heroes in hopes of luring her to the awaiting throne prophesized so many years before and her destiny to eradicate all those who do not bow to her power. Don't miss the sequel to Setting Sun, as Keirnan's heritage and family secrets are revealed while duty to family and a blossoming love is put to the test as she discovers more of her fated future as an immortal vampire queen to be.

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Rising Moon (ebook)


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