One Woman'S War (ebook)

One Woman'S War (ebook)

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The Balkans. 1990's. Civil War. Revenge vs. Forgiveness. Doctor Zhivago meets Gone With the Wind. How does love factor into a ferocious time of vengeful spite. An innocent mountain village is ripped apart by fractious, centuries-old hatred. When a key player flees to New York City for respite, how does a victim become a predator? The Village. A beautiful, fiery young widow, Yelena, flees her mountain village in Kosovo, Serbia, after her young son has been brutally slaughtered in the ongoing civil strife there. Always having been good friends with her Muslim neighbors, she is shocked by the prevailing opinion that the crime was done in the spirit of jihad. The police failure to round up a single suspect infuriates her, but she refuses to believe the rumblings of the Christian/Muslim divisiveness in her homeland. It becomes unbearable for her to stay there, and in her desperate feeling of futility and fury, she seeks refuge in New York with her sister and her sister's American husband and children. The City. Yelena arrives in Queens, New York, in her sister's three room apartment, in the hope of healing her wrenching grief. While there, she gets a job as a cleaning lady on the graveyard shift in a news office, where she meets Jake, a handsome, charming, though bitterly divorced American journalist, who is down on his luck. He keeps late hours in the news office where Yelena cleans. He's restless, she's lost. Two searching souls, different cultures, different languages, different codes of honor, find themselves in an unintended tryst. He researches the Balkans, while she studies the rules of baseball, and it looks like two diverse paths could become one until she stumbles upon some clippings Jake has been collecting from innumerable sources about the Balkans in an effort to understand his new found beloved. One clipping reveals the identity of the man who killed her son.

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