When The Bird Sings (ebook)

When The Bird Sings (ebook)

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Helene Bouillard's reputation as the most sought after prostitute at an exclusive, Parisian bordello has finally earned her the independence she always wanted. This is no small feat, especially for a young, single mother in 1941. But what do you do when your own, beloved country is being shackled by the occupation of your most generous customers? After five years of running from the "dirty secrets" of her past, and the Resistance fighter whose love she feels she will never deserve, Helene finds herself forced with an impossible choice: stand with the newly established power that supports her lifestyle or surrender everything she has worked for and resist. Is it possible to battle such wicked cruelty and hatred without giving into it? Is such a sacrifice worth the price? As war rages through Europe, five extraordinary women will make the hard choice and discover the strength to stand against the enemy and fight…. Suzette Chevalier, a fiercely determined young editor of a clandestine magazine publication, embraces the dangers of printing anti-Nazi propaganda and delivering explosives to a communist group of resistance fighters. Katya Dzhamgerchinov, a Russian immigrant who never quite fit in the sophisticated culture of Paris, clings to the hope that the American soldier she rescued behind enemy lines will one day return to find her. Dr. Cecile Fleury, a gifted surgeon, remains steadfast to her vow to "do no harm" and offers medical care to anyone, regardless of race, religion or political loyalty. In the village of Le Chambon Sur Lignon, Marguerite Tamise, the kindhearted daughter of a minister, joins the efforts of her countrymen in protecting Jewish refugees from the French and Nazi authorities. Arrested for crimes of treason, these five women meet on a train bound for the hell that is Auschwitz.

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When The Bird Sings (ebook)


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