Foundation To Fairways (ebook)

Foundation To Fairways (ebook)

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The sporting world has long since looked to fitness as a way to improve and maintain athletic performance. But it seems as if golf did not really catch on to the importance of fitness until about 15 or so years ago. It used to be looked upon as a bad idea to try to strength train and build muscle while attempting to improve your golf game. It was believed that doing so would inevitably alter your swing in some irreparable way. The belief was that there could not possibly be a way to strength train to become a top notch golfer without looking like a bodybuilder. But now we are much wiser thanks in large part to many of the younger golfers who have come onto the scene and shown just how beneficial strength training can be. You now see golfers in large numbers touting how adding strength training and conditioning to their daily routines has renewed or extended their golf careers. There is no magic pill that they are using, just simple adherence to a health and fitness protocol on a regular basis. Now it is your turn to find your golf fitness fountain of youth. The four key ingredients of fitness from a golfing perspective that you NEED to focus on are: • Flexibility / Mobility • Balance • Core Strength • Endurance Focusing on the aforementioned elements in a consistent manner will have you well on your way to developing a fitness foundation that can last the rest of your life. The definition of the word strategy is so simple yet it is probably so foreign to most of the golfers who set out to play each day. The average golfer pays a fair amount for a round, practices little, but finds it very easy to become upset when their play is below average at best. Unfortunately they were doomed to fail well before they even laced up their golf shoes for the round. We have strategies for how we plan to accomplish tasks in our everyday professions and they actually pay us for showing up.

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Foundation To Fairways (ebook)


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