To Divorce Or Not (ebook)

To Divorce Or Not (ebook)

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To Divorce or Not offers readers who are struggling with divorce a solution based approach to dealing with this stressful life event. In chapter one the author poses the question of whether or not the reader has already made up his or her mind about divorce and just wants confirmation. He cites the example of George who decided upon the birth of his child to divorce and then waited eighteen years, until the child reached adulthood, before acting on it. He transitions into the next paragraph by pondering the fairness of a partner who fails to keep an open mind regarding divorce. In chapter two, the author recommends fairness in the treatment of the partner and suggests that the reader remember the brighter days shared with the partner. In chapter three, the author poses a number of tough questions for the reader to ponder in determining their position on divorce and their feelings towards their partner. The author recommends solution based counseling in chapter four and warns the reader not to dwell on where things went wrong. In chapter five, the author considers who else the reader can turn to for advice and comfort be it friends, the church, etc. In chapter six the author argues that you, the reader, are the best tool at your disposal. In chapter seven, the author tackles the different belief systems that play a part in difficult times, such as contemplating divorce, and once again emphasizes the need for a solution based approach. In chapter eight, the author discusses the many seemingly unforgiveable things that could happen in a marriage that could lead to divorce. In chapter nine, the author considers the effects of mind conditioning on divorce. In chapter ten, the author ponders the pros and cons of divorce. Chapter eleven offers some affirmations in keeping with the solution based approach the author takes throughout the book.

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