Neighbors (ebook)

Neighbors (ebook)

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Ami Haas was a single beautiful rich white woman in her early 30s living alone next door to Larry Larson, a single mysterious black man in his early 30s. Early Monday morning, he went to the mailbox to pick up his mail and he got her mail by mistake. He decided to be a gentleman and take her the mail. He went and rang her doorbell, not knowing she was inside taking a shower. She heard the doorbell ring, quickly got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her wet dripping body. The bell rang again. She screamed: "I'm coming," as she ran to the living room. He thought she said, 'come in,' since they were neighbors. He opened the door and walked into her house as she ran around the corner naked with nothing but the towel on covering her body. Her long black hair was wet and dripping with water. She stopped in her tracks upon seeing him standing in the doorway. She screamed: "Why in god's name are you in my house!" "I brought you, your mail, and I rang the doorbell and I thought you said come in," he replied. "Your mail was mistakenly placed in my mailbox." She wasn't shy about him seeing her partially naked. She screamed at him again to get out of her house as he smiled and handed her the mail while staring at her trying not to upset her more than she already was. She ran toward him at full speed and tried to shove him out the door. She bumped the cocktail table, tripped and fell as the towel dropped to the floor. She didn't try to cover up as he stared at her perfectly beautiful athletic, toned body, with curvy hips and perfectly shaped breast. She ran toward him again naked and shoved him as she became unbalanced and fell toward him as he caught her in his arms and they both fell to the floor. They landed on the plush soft gray carpet with her on top of him. She could feel his manhood rise and bulge through the front of his pants. She quickly rose to her knees as she could see the large impression pressing up against his pants.

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Neighbors (ebook)


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