Surviving The Failed Pregnancy Test (ebook)

Surviving The Failed Pregnancy Test (ebook)

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Surviving the Failed Pregnancy Test is a guide through the emotional issues that accompany infertility. It is designed for Christian women, and couples, who are having difficulty conceiving a child, or bringing a pregnancy to full term. It's true that there are several books on the market today about pregnancy: how to avoid it, how to handle the nine months, even what to wear during a after. There is no shortage of literature on dealing with unplanned pregnancies, helping those who have terminated pregnancies, fertility treatments, or how to adopt a child, foreign or domestic. But there is very limited Christian literature available to the countless women who so desperately desire to get pregnant. The Bible has numerous stories of women who experienced the same heartache that many women today experience. What can we learn from them? In a time when having a child was profoundly more significant, how did they live out the months and years - even decades - of infertility? How did it affect their relationships with their husbands, and with their friends? How long did they wait expectantly before they resigned themselves to the possibility that they were barren? Who did they confide in? How did God show Himself to them during that time? How did they keep their hope alive? We read stories of mighty men of God without realizing that the news of their birth was the answer to many prayers and the expectation of many years. John the Baptist, Samson, Samuel, Isaac, Jacob, all of these men had something in common: their mothers experienced infertility. We can learn as much from these women, and others, as we learned from their sons. I believe the Bible is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I believe the answers to the deeply emotional questions we ask about each and every one of struggles we experience today can be found in its pages. I firmly believe that God knew exactly what I would go through and how it would affect my emotions.

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