The Teeth Whitening Cure (ebook)

The Teeth Whitening Cure (ebook)

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Do you want to whiten your teeth? For the sake of your health, don't do anything until you've read The Teeth Whitening Cure. The result of over 10,000 hours of research, this book is the most authoritative work ever written about teeth whitening. You will learn a safe, simple, incredibly effective method of using the power of nature to whiten your teeth, protect your mouth and safeguard your general health. Are you currently bleaching your teeth? What are you risking every day, for the sake of achieving those 'white-as-snow' teeth? Millions of people are drowning in a toxic sea of bleaching gel. With major companies reaping fortunes from today's teeth whitening craze, can you ever find out what is really safe? Would you risk your health for the sake of whiter teeth? Now you don't need to. Whiten your teeth the healthy way and you'll be rewarded with good oral health for the rest of your life! Dr. Sawicki's pennies-a-day, completely safe technique harnesses the purifying power of nature to prevent gum disease, prevent tooth decay, naturally whiten teeth, detox your mouth and whole body, and safeguard your general health The technique is so simple, so effective, it's revolutionary! You can have a stunning, bright smile AND excellent health. Dr. Sawicki shows how the two should always go hand-in-hand. Don't risk compromising your health with today's deadly teeth-whitening toxins. This method is safe and really works! Millions of people are drowning in a sea of toxic bleaching gel. The Teeth Detox may be your most important 'vitamin' for health and fitness. Enjoy a beautiful, glamorous, and more NATURAL smile that nature intended just for you AND you won't end up with over whitened 'ghost teeth', PLUS, you'll feel a boost of ENERGY. Finally, teeth whitening with answers for blood oxygen, tip-top immune defenses against 'body breakdown', endless vigor until your very last breath! AND all you've done is whiten and DETOX your teeth.

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