Love Me But Do Not Fall In Love With Me. Contemporary Absurd Theater (ebook)

Love Me But Do Not Fall In Love With Me. Contemporary Absurd Theater (ebook)

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A contemporary absurd theater book, not at all absurd, written by a 22 years old girl, a graduate of Political Science who loves theater, who wants to make people smile hence become free to be what they have never dared to be. If we look to our society now, things are sad. Because people are sad. What if we pretend not to care about our hearts because we care too much? What if true love is not at all overrated and technology has not annihilated our personality at all? What if what we have been yearning for has always been there, we just have to open our minds and let it in? What if the so called gender dispute is all fictional and we are all the same, with a soul that needs to be comforted and loved in order to make our lives worthy? What if we don't find happiness because we want something else? What if we are some small pieces that are happy to be on their own and don't need to fit any puzzle? What if life and love don't need an explanation and their absurdity is the only justification we need to love again? What if we were free to be whatever we wanted to be but we didn't have time to give ourselves enough time? What if there is no "what if" only "once upon a time". And we all know every "what if" becomes "once upon a time". At least in absurd theater.

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