The Optimist'S Edge (ebook)

The Optimist'S Edge (ebook)

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Do you want more love, money, and success in your life? Do you want to experience better health and relationships? Do you feel trapped by your own negativity and limiting beliefs or the negativity of others? The Optimist's Edge is a road map that will provide you with the tools and strategies to change your thinking and behavior to create the life you have always imagined. If you've struggled with adversity and negative thinking that have limited your ability to live the amazing life you are meant to live, then this book is for you! In The Optimist's Edge, you'll gain valuable skills that will help you move forward to discover, create, and sustain the life you have always imagined. Let Robin O'Grady teach you a hands-on approach to help you move past your personal challenges and to discover and practice how to: •Overcome your poverty mindset •Change your attitude and as a result change your life •Release relationships that don't serve you •Discontinue living in and sharing about the past to tell your NEW story, the story of how you are creating your amazing life NOW •Transform your negative self-talk to become your own best supporter •Turn your coal (adversity) into diamonds (assets) •Manage your stress and learn new skills to practice self-care •Find your passion and formulate your plan to achieve your goals Robin O'Grady and her Five Star Success System offer you no-nonsense solutions to put aside your doubts and fears, create the amazing life you've always wanted, and transform your thinking and behavior to support a life of success. Every method in this book has been tested by O'Grady herself in the pursuit of her career and the life of her dreams. Stop living by default and start moving beyond negativity to create your amazing life today! Robin O'Grady is an author, professional speaker, coach, and ghostwriter.

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The Optimist'S Edge (ebook)


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