Lose Weight The Lazy Way (ebook)

Lose Weight The Lazy Way (ebook)

Janet Marie
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LOSE WEIGHT THE LAZY WAY: 25 Golden Rules to Success is the ideal weight loss guide for women over 40 who want to lose weight and get in better shape…the lazy way! Why work so hard and fail at one yo-yo diet after another when you can just follow LAZYGIRLZ.net Founder Janet Marie's simple rules to get you going on the lazy path to weight loss success. Eat What You Love, Never Go Hungry, Get Motivated… and go for it! Now that's 3 Rules in that one sentence right there. Think you can follow that? How does that sound? Easy, right? You are going to learn how to identify your food mistakes, get motivated, get started and tweak your existing diet until you get the right balance in order to watch those unwanted pounds melt away…all while you live your life comfortably, without ever feeling the stress and deprivation that comes with all the loser diets you've tried and failed at your whole adult life. That's what the LAZYGIRLZ™ system is all about. Easy does it and gimmick-free. There are no complicated, expensive menu plans or wacky diets to follow. Nor are there any “miracle cures” or false promises made. However, LOSE WEIGHT THE LAZY WAY will give you an easy-to-follow, practical blueprint that will help you restructure your current eating habits over time so that they work for you, all within your existing lifestyle. In fact, Janet Marie has done a lot of the work for you already, in terms of assessing calorie counts and gauging portion sizes, for example, so you can think of this as “no-brainer dieting”. There's a reason they call it the “lazy” way! Janet Marie goes one step farther and terms this system one where you “Get Thin without Thinking”! That's because once you incorporate your new eating habits into your lifestyle, it will be as if you can just go on auto-pilot and lose weight without ever having to obsess about it! Marie herself is living proof that the LAZYGIRLZ system works, and this book is very personal to her.

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