Secret Realm Of Magic (ebook)

Secret Realm Of Magic (ebook)

Walden Gibbs
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With the Earth on the brink of destruction, heroes are awakened… People from all walks of life band together armed with strange and amazing abilities prepared to ward off an ancient evil coming to claim the Earth. When Frank and Sam, two losers working on their third strike decide to make one more score before they retire; run into an alien who offers them a choice: rob a bank or save the world, they chose to be heroes. Do they have what it takes to help defend the Earth? Devlin and Cadessa, lifelong friends, decide to go on a vacation to celebrate Devlin's promotion to partner in his firm, neither knew what fate had in store for them. Devlin discovers that he has powers that no one can explain to him. When he confides in his mother, he gets an unexpected answer that will change the way he views the world forever. Cadessa finds out that she is the lost essence of magic itself and she is half of the key to stopping the war that was prophesied from the beginning of time. Squirrel is a lifer in the Army who is tasked with the responsibility of discovering what is orbiting the moon. With the help of Director Stone and the brooding Captain Lawson, he learns more than he bargained for when he finds that he has lived longer than he ever imagined and his untold power is instrumental in defending the earth from the coming darkness. Will he discover himself before it is too late or will he realize his untapped potential and save all that we know? Join us as we journey through the realms of magic, power, science and aliens to defend the earth that we all share.

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Secret Realm Of Magic (ebook)


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