The Secrets Of Superior Selling Skills (ebook)

The Secrets Of Superior Selling Skills (ebook)

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Do You Know How To; Negotiate - Overcome Objections - Sell a Price Increase? The World's Top Sales People Do. Now it's Your Turn... In our competitive market place, winning business and beating the competition are fundamental for successful organisations. In any competition, teams will be made up of naturally gifted "superstars" and those less talented players. One thing is always true though, whatever the individual level of performance, everyone needs to train and hone their skills in order for maximum performance. This is especially true for the sales teams. Whether you're selling printing or software services, having a defined sales process is a must-have. While a number of studies have shown that existing customers often spend more than new ones and are essential to a company's success, new customers are critical for any business looking to grow and expand their horizons. What many small (and large) businesses lack, however, is a defined sales process that optimises their new customer outreach efforts. The more skilful the salesperson is the more that they sell. Obviously results will depend on many other factors such as motivation, product and market, but it is a fact that the more skilled a salesperson is in the art of selling, the more they will sell regardless of the situation. If you or your sales team are focussing on the right activities then increasing HOW EFFECTIVE you are when selling will guarantee results. From handling objections to selling price increases this simple straight forward guide will arm you or your salespeople with the skills needed to beat your sales targets. This Business book, The Secrets of Superior Selling Skills, is an easy to understand and practical "How to Sell" book that considers the top seven performance areas where sales people typically need to improve. Want to know what they are and how to maximise your performance? Read on...

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The Secrets Of Superior Selling Skills (ebook)


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