Istudent App Match System For Special Needs (ebook)

Istudent App Match System For Special Needs (ebook)

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Do you realize that students can make significant gains in learning if they are using carefully chosen apps on the iPad? But, how do you find the time to navigate through the endless lists of apps online to find apps that are appropriate for your student, or the students that you teach? This book provides a description of apps that promote learning across a number of areas for students with special needs in grades K to 12. The apps are organized by instructional focus, and by whether they were developed to : help the student practice the skill, support the student if they have difficulties with that skill, or create amazing learning objects using that skill. The apps are also identified as being at the beginning, intermediate, or more complex level. The content areas of read, writing, and math, focus on the development of skills up to the grade 6 level. The support and creation apps, and that apps that focus on study skills and strategies, provide many opportunities for students at the middle and high school level. The book is very simple to use. Just go through the skill checklists and identify the skills that the student demonstrates never, sometimes, or always. The skill checklists cover: sensory motor/cause and effect; fine motor skills; written expression; reading; mathematics; language; social and behavioral skills; and study skills. For the skills that the student has not yet mastered, look up the page number provided, to find the apps that will help that student with that specific skill. Get your student(s) started learning on the iPad. You will be AMAZED at the possibilities, and so will the student(s).

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