After The Final Rose Has Fallen (ebook)

After The Final Rose Has Fallen (ebook)

David Ash
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There comes a time in life when there are certain things that can keep a man going. That for me, is a woman. Ever since I was very young I always maintained a strong liking for the opposite sex. To me they are a source of hope in a very dark and troubling world. A world where destitution threatens at every doorstep and street corner. One where the bad out weighs the good, and one where the opportunity to turn things around is hard to find if not non-existant entirely. And yet, encountering women always gives me that opportunity to hope in something, and that something is the opportunity, with another person on this long and lonely journey, to share life's burdens, help each other through, and fall madly in love. Something of which, in my opinion at least, can conquer all life's difficulties. Despite this however, sometimes life don't end up the way that you had hoped. A woman, for me, the being that offers that said opportunity, and that opportunity itself, sometimes aren't available for all people, some for thier whole lives. So, the first poem in this book of poetry is about this being, and this opportunity. Also, conversely, the following poems in this collection are reflections of how a person would come to grow to feel when this lovely being, woman, and this exquisite opportunity, love, fail to reach a person so inclined to love these two aforementioned perfections. So, this is a collection of poems. The first, hopeful of the hope of being joined to a woman, to me a being of beauty, kindness, compassion, and above all, love. The following poems are sad, which for me, are the result of a person being deprived of such wonderful things; to me a few of the only wonderful things life has to offer. So, laugh, cry, and cry with me as I take you on a journey. Together, if you read on, we'll experience both the joy of woman, hope, and success, which to me, are all intertwined for a man. Because, as they say, behind every great man is a great woman.

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After The Final Rose Has Fallen (ebook)


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