Driven To Sex (ebook)

Driven To Sex (ebook)

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“Hello. My name is Patrick Wilkins-Jones. To be honest, I'm still not sure why I took up a job driving prostitutes for an escort agency. I think I thought it'd be fun and kind of sexy, and it was, for a while. Before I started I thought I knew about men and women, and sex, and love, and society. And me. Turns out I knew nothing. I put most of my education down to a girl called Leena. You see, hookers know everything and they know everyone, and more surprising than that, many of them are here to help.” Inspired by the author's experiences driving for a real-life escort agency in Perth, Western Australia, Patrick takes us on a wild ride into the night world of hookers, receptionists, drivers and clients that we all know exists but dismiss as being sad and unworthy. Have you ever wondered what happens after a hooker walks into a booking, or what these girls are really like? Have you ever wanted to find out about some of the bizarre things men request? And how much money does anyone make? These are the kinds of basic questions one hears whenever the topic of prostitution is raised. But it's the crazy little side-tracks, the wild and weird dead-ends, the hilarious mistakes, the memorable personalities and the hidden truths we discover about ourselves which make this journey into the world of mobile prostitution unforgettable. Did you know many men - some would say, even most men - call hookers for reasons other than sex? Indeed, this book is about more than lustful liaisons in strange hotel rooms because the real revelations are those things Patrick and Leena reveal to us about themselves, let alone the society in which we live. Driven To Sex is a story about the weight of secrets, about desire and the need for intimacy in the modern world. However, the most compelling part of this story is that some version of this book is happening in every city all over the world, tonight.

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