Magysque (ebook)

Magysque (ebook)

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In an exciting world of enchantment and adventure, follow Kim, a young high school girl, who learns that growing up can be tough, especially when one doesn't have many friends. Kim's ultimate dream is to be on her high school swim team. However, she has issues with self-esteem, as she is teased by many of her classmates. Kim has to teach herself to look beyond the people around her, and must work through her intense fear of swimming under water before she can ever dream of making the team. Ultimately, she teaches us that persistence is the key to achieving one's goals. Watch the mystery unfold as she journeys through the Glass Doors into the mysterious and enchanted land of Magysque, a magical world where the senses come alive. With the help of the beautiful, shape shifting Hummingbird people and the elegant, horse-riding Serres, Kim must save Magysque from the corruption that threatens to ruin its delicate balance of peace. But escaping wolves and the snares of the Yoles are just a few of the many hurdles Kim will face before she can reopen the Glass Doors and return home. Through this adventure, Kim grows into a strong and independent young woman as she overcomes numerous physical struggles as well as challenges within. She shows us that if we really want something, no matter how difficult the obstacles or impossible the end goal may seem, true effort will ultimately bring success.

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Magysque (ebook)


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