Busted Boom (ebook)

Busted Boom (ebook)

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It's true: the superpower known as the USA is now being run … by Baby Boomers. They dominate government, control corporations, steer society and culture. Boomers are in power. This is their time. But who are they, really? What do they think? And most importantly, what have they done? What are they doing? The Baby Boom generation is certainly well known, but rarely described or even revealed. BUSTED BOOM: THE BUMMER OF BEING A BOOMER takes a crack at it. A wild ride awaits. You'll need seat belts. And maybe air bags. There are few myths about America's Baby Boom generation, though there are plenty of facts – and feelings. Every Boomer has them, and passions can run high. As pioneers in the modern concepts of entitlement and privilege, Boomers usually wax defensive of their own kind. However, Brian Paul Bach, born in the mid-'50s, was compelled to emerge from the Boomer rank and file with his own facts, feelings – and a few myths – concerning his generation. A Boomer 'on the street', he is without portfolio, academic support, or corporate subsidy, but he is also without pretense. BUSTED BOOM is an unflinching examination of Boomers, whose choices and behavior have deeply influenced our world today. Now that Boomers have come into their inheritance, their performance requires a measure of accountability. Specifically, Bach's observations are made with the attentive eye of an artist and the critical force of a fellow traveler. BUSTED BOOM comes from a writer with a passion for exploring the culture that has surrounded him. Consequently, he now questions it with a unique perception, as sincere as it is trenchant. White, middle-class Boomers – the book's primary focus – aren't noted for analyzing themselves as Boomers, per se. They are self-aware, but as a demographic group, Boomers who critique their own kind usually do so with detachment. Such inward-looking sensitivity has led to malfunctions in society, business, and politics.

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Busted Boom (ebook)


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