The Promise Of Justice Book 2 His Story (ebook)

The Promise Of Justice Book 2 His Story (ebook)

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The Promise of Justice connects history with geography, faith with science, economics with ecology and law with politics in telling an inspirational story of hope. In 1895 Cape Prime Minister Cecil John Rhodes arbitrarily imprisoned King Sigcau ka Mqikela of the Mpondo nation for siding with his Chiefs against the harsh impositions of 19th century British colonial rule in South Africa. In 2010 President Jacob Zuma deposed his descendent King Justice Sigcau, mimicking history and threatening to reverse the Mpondo's success in preventing their ancestral lands from being turned into profit; their traditional way of life undermined by 'development'; and the Wild Coast domesticated to colonial and neo-colonial powers. In search of justice both kings took their cases to the highest courts. The Promise of Justice is written in four parts (each published as separate e-Books) and published in print version in two books. Book One, The Story, looks back for lessons from recent post-apartheid history. It summarises the back-story that got King Justice Sigcau into trouble with the South African government, notably his opposition to the mining of coastal dunes of the Mpondoland Wild Coast, and the associated construction of a massively expensive new highway near to the coastal dunes. Book Two, His Story looks back to see what may be learned from pre-apartheid 19th Century history, and sharpens the focus on the courtroom dramas of two Mpondo Kings to save the Mpondo nation from co-option and subversion by an Australian venture capital mining company in collusion with corrupted business partners, state officials and influential politicians in the ruling party.

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The Promise Of Justice Book 2 His Story (ebook)


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