A Course In Awakening (ebook)

A Course In Awakening (ebook)

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Since my awakening in Spring 2003, I've spent all my efforts on turning the study of enlightenment from an art into a science. I've read hundreds of spiritual books and attended many seminars for the sole purpose of learning the language of spiritual teachers and comparing and contrasting their teachings. Since I had a sharp and powerful awakening before starting my search, I could easily see which teachers were impostors and which were very pure. Many had technically awakened but had tended to drag in illusions from their particular teacher's lineage, so much so, that their truth was diluted by false beliefs to the point where I couldn't see how anyone could awaken under their tutelage. A few teachers, though, had awakened on their own due to life crises; these were the ones that I found to be completely free of all illusions. Not surprisingly, these teachers got little respect in the spiritual community since they didn't sell any illusions. These are the teachers which will take you straight into awakening. You can awaken. This is not some superhuman feat. I've met many people locally, who have awakened on their own due to personal crises. Most of these people had little or no exposure to spiritual teachings. Awakening is a rare event in our culture and also in most other cultures since there is no real understanding of it. There were some earlier cultures, such as the Hopi Indians, which I think did understand it and expect it. Many of their "Grandfathers" did attain it as a norm of their society. Awakening is not something that will make you great; it is simply a stage of psychological development. You may feel a lot of resistance over that last statement. The statement is attacking any illusions you may have surrounding the concept of enlightenment. You will need to deal with your illusions later. For now, it is important to drive home the idea you will need to change your psychology. We only need to deal with the mind.

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