Don'T Sweat It, Kid (ebook)

Don'T Sweat It, Kid (ebook)

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Don't Sweat It, Kid is a three-volume set of books that consists of 100 topics relevant to the lives of young people in sixth through twelfth grades (and possibly beyond). These topics have been included in the three volumes because young people in these age groups have expressed the desire for a reference to which they can refer to learn more about these topics. The author hopes that the topics discussed here will help parents and their children engage in discussions together. As a classroom teacher of many years, the author knows that these topics can assist to open and/or improve the lines of communication between parents and children as well as counselors/youth directors and their clients. They can also help children to better cope with trying situations and thus, the primary objectives of these volumes. Just a few of the topics you can read about in the three volumes are: Guns For Boys Only Belief in a Higher Power Delayed Gratification Accepting Discipline Making Good Choices Having Sex Show Your Gratitude For Girls Only Don't Argue Shoplifting Volume 1 consists of the first 33 of the 100 topics. Volume 2 consists of topics 34 through 65, and Volume 3 consists of topics 66 through 100. These 100 topics have been chosen because of their relevance to your life and the lives of other young people just like you. Read it with an open mind. Share it with a friend. It has the potential to help you to become a better person, a more giving and forgiving family member and a wonderful role model for the younger children who are part of your world.

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