Sing Your Way To Health (ebook)

Sing Your Way To Health (ebook)

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Aphasia is a condition caused either by a stroke to the left side hemisphere of the brain, or by a violent trauma to the left side of the brain, it often leaves patients with weakness to the right hand side of their bodies, and can affect speech. This book enables people to use melodic intonation therapies and basic speech therapies to overcome the often debilitating effect of aphasia. This book was written jointly by Dr Liz Barnes who is the clinical director at Wired cic, and Mr Greg Woods who is a renowned independent musical therapist and director of music and therapy at Therapeia (Cornwall) cic. Profits from this book will be used to promote the work of each of the community interest companies. This book explains feelings felt by people who have experienced aphasia, and suggests a positive and proven programme to be used to be used for the benefit of both patients, and their families friends and carers. Dr Ethelle Lord DM Founder and President Remembering 4 You wrote, "I have reviewed your proposed book on melodic intonation as a therapy. I really enjoyed reading it and can find much benefits for those who will be using this resource. You included a lot of aspects of music therapy that I have never seen in one book before. I appreciate that you allowed me to review it and look forward to recommending this resources in my newsletter to my readers" When you purchase this book, you will not only be helping yourself or a loved one, you will be creating a fund that will help many of the 2.4 million people worldwide who suffer from Aphasia.

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