Castles And Caverns Ii Zeld And The Pirate Prince (ebook)

Castles And Caverns Ii Zeld And The Pirate Prince (ebook)

J.d. Raisor
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Joined by his brother, Wolfgang, Hammer the magical mountain sprite, and loads of new mates. Zeld's life takes more twists than a gnarly looking spun-hay rope. He finds himself crossing swords and wits with a new rival, Fielding the pirate prince, and his band of cutthroats who Godfrey of Hesse left in command. While the pirates keep watch over the castle Hesse plans to retreat to Germany, collect new farmers, storekeepers, and soldiers. He also begins the lengthy process of rebuilding his army. Cunning as a fox, Fielding uses his magical amulets to stay one step ahead of the game in his attempt to best Zeld and keep the de Saxon castle in the possession of Godfrey of Hess. Aided by a magical growth formula, Fielding takes unfair advantage and creates a disaster so big it makes the story of the giant chickens of Barnstaple pale in significance. Will Zeld and company best him? Will Fielding be able to hold out until Godfrey returns with reinforcements? Or will Zeld somehow find the magic words to make his plans come together. and precisely what are these mysterious jouneys King Henry and Father Ulrich conjured up for the schoolboys at the end of the year? Nothing is as it seems in Castles and Caverns II Zeld and the Pirate Prince. About the Author The story of my boyhood continues in Castles and Caverns II Zeld and the Pirate Prince. The summer I turned thirteen, way back in 1228, was grand. Well, not everything was grand; the crash landings really hurt, thank goodness for my healing amulet, and there was the pirate prince who wanted me dead more than anything he had ever wanted in his entirely wicked life. The constant battling with Fielding's scurvy knaves for me castle wasn't so grand either. Now, the explosion was fabulous! Hang on, it's not like it sounds. You see when something needs blown up; I personally recommend dragon bone powder, that's all.

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Castles And Caverns Ii Zeld And The Pirate Prince (ebook)


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