A Creative Imagination (ebook)

A Creative Imagination (ebook)

Duane Morgan
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Elaine and Duane Morgan, Fine art photographers, a husband and wife team who have dedicated their lives to creating and capturing images that depict the awesome power and unequaled beauty of nature. Professional photographers since 1973, they are masters of their craft. They offer distinctly different styles of photography including; exquisite color images, fine art black and white photography, hand tinted black and white images, and a myriad of impressionistic images. Their years of experience and training coupled with natural born talent have enabled them to establish a degree of expertise and quality that few photographers will ever obtain. Elaine and Duane are internationally recognized for their breathtaking landscape photography that makes you feel as if you were standing and watching your “personal sunset” as the light changes on their images. We call that mood-changing event, the “WOW” factor; because that is exactly what our collectors say when we change the light on our images, WOW! Having distinctly different photographic styles, Elaine is a “traditional” style photographer with large landscapes; Duane on the other hand photographs more intimate scenes trying to share a feeling or mood of the image. Duane has recently started a new series of images that incorporates both impressionistic painting and photography. Because of these different styles, Duane and Elaine could photograph the same subject and create images completely different in presentation and may even look as if they are in different locations. Having different styles and techniques helps to broaden both of their perspectives and increase their creativity while enhancing their portfolio. Duane and Elaine's photographic images are in private as well as corporate collections around the globe. Due to their uncompromising commitment to excellence, detail and exclusivity, the duo is highly sought after for commissioned works.

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