The Power Of Choice (ebook)

The Power Of Choice (ebook)

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Los Angeles, California – A young man loses everything in a 24-hour period of time. At the age of 29, this experience launches him on twenty-five year spiritual quest to discover the meaning of life and his unique life purpose. He is lead to promote sacred music worldwide. His journey connects him to many of our planet's most famed Musicians, Film makers, TV producers, Humanitarians, Doctors, Scientists, Celebrities and internationally acclaimed peace work in Middle East. "From birth our soul seems the result of a cosmic casting that seeks to mold our inner most self into that of a divine plan and purpose," writes Robertson. Through his quest and travels around the world, he is met with and overcomes soul breaking challenges which help fortified spiritual insights and wisdoms about the meaning of life and its' purpose. “In my writings and lectures I share deep insights that help to flatten the learning-curve about how consciousness works and most importantly, how to discover and align yourself with your unique and Divine life purpose,” Robertson says. This unique and compelling journey of self-discovery and the power of leaps of faith that reveal miracles are captured in Steve Robertson's, The Power of Choice: Success and Your Life Purpose. Robertson is a spiritual mentor and life-coach for many people and professionals seeking inner peace and transformation, for his writings touch upon how the mystical nature of consciousness and music work to empower Divine realizations which lead to personal success and a lasting world peace. .

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