Jacques Marquette And The Legend Of The Black Squirrel (ebook)

Jacques Marquette And The Legend Of The Black Squirrel (ebook)

Vicki Holton
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This is an extraordinary account of the life, trials and explorations of Father Jacques Marquette in North America. Jacques Marquette was born in France in 1637 and grew up with a fascination for becoming a Jesuit Father. He desired to travel to the “New World” to explore, convert and baptize the Native Americans who had no knowledge of Christianity. His sufferings and those of his fellow “black robes” were astounding, and many hardships were endured by the brave missionaries and martyrs. As Father Marquette spent more time with the Native Americans, he learned of a vast river that he felt compelled to explore. The story is narrated by a young boy named Davey, whose beloved Grandfather, Arnie, enjoys telling stories around the campfire outside their cottage. He is eager to relate the story of Father Marquette to Davey and young Max, Davey's cousin. Marquette's explorations are intertwined with many memorable characters. You will meet a crusty old fur trader, a brave Ottawa tribesman, an Ottawa maiden, a beautiful orphan girl, courageous voyageurs, Louis Joliet, and a giant bird believed to have been haunting the Mississippi River for centuries. Despite many obstacles, Father Marquette is able to live his dream of exploring the “Father of Waters,” the mighty Mississippi. During his explorations Father Marquette encounters a lovable squirrel named Louis. Louis, through his interaction with Father Marquette, undergoes an amazing transformation, thus becoming the first black squirrel in Northern Michigan. Author BIO: Vicki Nuetzel Kirk Holton was born and raised in St. Louis Missouri. She is married to David Holton and resides in Glendale, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. Vicki is the proud mother of 5 adult children and 3 step children. She is presently blessed with 6 grandchildren and the anticipation of many more to come. She attended DePauw University and graduated with a degree in Education.

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