The Retirement Plan (ebook)

The Retirement Plan (ebook)

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´The Retirement Plan´ follows the exploits of two retired armed-robbers who leave London for the south coast of Spain, in the hope of engineering the big cannabis deal which could change their fortunes. To do so they must negotiate their way through the disparate mix of shady international criminal types whom operate on the Costa del Sol. From con-men to pimps, to smugglers, they all share one thing in common, a desire to get rich by any means necessary. Enter a world built on fear and blind greed, where nobody is to be trusted and paranoia is an asset. This is the side of the Spanish costas you don´t see in the travel brochures. Full of dark humour, ´The Retirement Plan´ is a uncompromising look into the criminal psyche and a gritty expose of the international drugs trade. It´s central protagonists are a 35 year old criminal with a sense of morality gone askew, and his caustic-witted 51 year old partner-in-crime. Told from their perspective, the story takes you deep into the dark heart of the sunshine coast, where crime is a lifestyle choice. Join the protagonists on a white-knuckle ride, as they put their lives and liberty on the line to secure the deal that they can retire on. Amid the close encounters with H.M. Customs and Guardia Civil, they find time to get embroiled in a love triangle with a sultry Spanish temptress. As their drug-fuelled paranoia wages a war on their sanity, can they hold it together long enough to escape the criminal life? Or will they succumb to the machinations of Justice? A witty, cautionary tale set against the backdrop of the finicial meltdown of the world economy, ´The Retirement Plan´ deals with the basic human need to dream of a better life, and the dangers of falling prey to our baser instincts. In this world, only the strong and/or lucky will survive. Let the games begin!.

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