The Quiet House On Rue Saint-Jacques (ebook)

The Quiet House On Rue Saint-Jacques (ebook)

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This historical coming of age novel revolves around the Paris National Institute for the Deaf and the rue Saint-Jacques location it has occupied since 1794. It chronicles a decade in the lives of the director of the institute, Father Sicard (historical), and three boys–two of them nonhearing and nonspeaking–who struggle to overcome impairments and misfortune as they endeavor to find their way in an antagonistic world. Against the backdrop of the French Revolution, each boy follows a separate course, plotted according to individual need and design. Jean Massieu (historical), the youngest child in a poor, provincial family of six deaf siblings, seeks to find success and happiness within the deaf community as a teacher. Eric Touzot (fictional), an orphan of unusual talent, is determined to prove to himself and the world that he can match wits with the hearing community and come out on top. Guy-Robert Ledoux (fictional), fatherless and the brother of a deceased deaf twin sister, has been soured to the point that he thinks only in terms of self-gratification and personal gain. Jean and Eric, first as adolescents and then as young men, discover that mastering sign language and learning to read and write are only two of the many challenges they face. Hormones, sex, love, the prospects for marriage, the overriding need to find a self-sustaining profession, and unrelenting bias all pose daunting obstacles. Complicating matters, the unpredictable events of the French Revolution place everyone in harm's way. Guy-Robert, who is older and whose outlook and hearing set him apart from the two boys, is all-too-willing to court danger in pursuit of money, sex, and social standing. He allows himself to be recruited as counterinsurgent agent (owing to his uncanny ability to read lips) solely in order to reap the spoils. His path is self-destructive from the beginning. But it is not his exploits as counterinsurgent that bring about his undoing.

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