Recognize Them! (ebook)

Recognize Them! (ebook)

Zane Safrit
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Employee recognition is a $40 billion industry. And as it has grown, employee engagement levels have remain unchanged and uninspiring. 70% of employees in the US remain disengaged, intellectually and emotionally, with their work and their results. These are 52 ways you can recognize your employees in ways your employees will value. How can I say that with such confidence? I have used each of these 52 ways in building a company strong enough to thrive in the face of two wars, a recession while competing against global brands whose advertising budgets dwarfed our company's total revenues. Yet, by recognizing the strengths and talents of our employees in ways in which they valued we became an indomitable force for our customers and ourselves. Recognition by peers and by one's immediate bosses is one of the top ways to instill engagement and passion for their work among your employees. What's often overlooked by the well-meaning leaders in the employee recognition industry is the power of the simple steps to recognize another person. Saying hi, listening, recognizing their accomplishments to their peers and managers, celebrating those successes on social media, giving them the best parking spaces, organizing meetings so they are productive and meaningful. These are some of the simple steps that require not budget approval, no boring powerpoint presentations before a board or fellow managers. I used them and they drove revenue growth, positive cash flows, streams of positive testimonials and referrals, raised our customer loyalty scores and created an engaged and passionate culture of engaged workers where the primary expressions each day were smiles and congratulations. Employee recognition starts with recognizing that person who stands in front of you, who works with you each day, whose success contributes to yours, who spends the majority of their waking hours working with you and others to build a brand for which they can be proud.

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Recognize Them! (ebook)


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