Court Of Contempt (ebook)

Court Of Contempt (ebook)

M.j. Mcghee
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November 2011. Brett Madigan has it all : a double first at Oxford leading to an enviable career as a barrister in a leading chambers specialising in divorce and matrimonial finance in central London, a wife, three children and a large country home in swanky Hampshire. After another successful trial, he meets fellow barrister Darya Ross on the train journey home, a tall, glamorous and attractive freelance child protection specialist. The sizzlingly hot chemistry they create with each other on the journey and beyond will be a tonic for them, but poison for others. Can he use his sophisticated brain to manipulate two highly intelligent women without being caught out? Brett is married to Lucy, a former solicitor turned primary school teacher. His sex life is the only aspect that lacks fulfilment. But he sees an opportunity to change that when he meets an attractive, glamorous and mysterious fellow barrister on a journey home from London one night. Accustomed to getting his own way and dominating all whom he encountered, has he bitten off more than he can chew this time? Lucy Madigan is married to Brett, and enjoys all the material trappings associated with her status as the wife of an extremely successful divorce barrister. A large country home, all three children in fee-paying private school and expensive renovation projects to keep her occupied. A former divorce solicitor herself, she changes career to become a primary school teacher in the local state school. Finding her husband physically repulsive after she discovers his affair with another woman years earlier, she finds herself attracted to a much-younger sparky with an unconventional background. But does she have the confidence to throw caution to the wind? Can Brett and Lucy save their union by resisting temptations elsewhere? Darya Ross is a thirty something, half-Russian, half-Scottish barrister specialising in child protection law.

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