Mojave Moonlight (ebook)

Mojave Moonlight (ebook)

Tom Lowe
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I've been lucky to visit six continents and work in over fifteen countries during the last twenty-five years in the film industry. From the heat and humidity of India, to the barren landscapes of central China, to the serene calm of an Italian summer and the lapping waves of the Caribbean, I've endeavored to take the road less traveled, eat at the cafés frequented only by locals and walked the streets without a map. I continue to believe that getting lost in a city is the best way to discover it. A regular tourist I am not, if nothing else, my adventures have shown me the world outside the pages of the popular travel guides. I grew up in the wide-open spaces of the American west where during family camping trips, I fell in love with the night sky. As the rest of the family retired to the security and warmth of the trailer my father towed behind our car, I'd take my sleeping bag and lie down next to the glowing embers of the campfire. Under the stars the cool night air would whisper through the pines and I'd count the satellites as they streaked across the sky. To me, I was connecting with nature, living like the cowboys I watched on TV, shredding my urban confines and enjoying the moment - mosquito bites and all. Now in my 50's, I live in the large metropolitan city of Los Angeles where I often find myself seeking links to the boy sleeping next to the campfire with my sense of wonder and my relationship to nature, often hard to find. As a marathoner, I get momentary glimpses in the stillness that pervades the streets in my neighborhood during early morning runs, sometimes my only place of solace in a hectic world. These moments I've come to believe are for me – at least until a large delivery truck barrels down the road interrupting my reverie and stagnating the air with diesel fumes. When the opportunity to work as an artist in residence for Mojave National Preserve presented itself I jumped at the chance. I knew immediately what I wanted to do.

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Mojave Moonlight (ebook)


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