The Power Of Service (ebook)

The Power Of Service (ebook)

Joy E. Karp
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J. E. Karp, the author of the original “McDonald's Hands–On Business Training Program” has done it again! Embedded within the original McDonald's training program Karp developed the concept of “promote from within” - this time, through an engaging storyline, she moves to a whole new level getting to the core of what it takes to build successful personal and professional relationships. Through the dynamic friendship of the main characters Josh and Monica, and their escapades as they decide to go back to college to get a business degree, we learn practical ways to build those personal and professional relationships essential for our success in life. This time Karp deals with the power of developing relationships and how a simple transaction in a store, or a multi-million dollar deal, hinges on the trust developed in the relationships developed between the people involved – regardless of the interaction. Whether we are dealing with friends, lovers, clients or family, we have to be conscious of the relationship and keep working on it. For example, Chapter 20 begins with a quote from Dr. Maya Angelou, "I've learned”, the quote begins, “… that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. Whether we are with Josh and Monica at a restaurant, dealing with a mechanic or a Government worker, witnessing deep personal emotions, or visiting a drug store, Karp's genius helps us understand the in's and out's of developing personal and business relationships and how our success is dependent on those relationships. Never before has the subject of service been defined and analyzed with such depth and perceptiveness, giving the reader much food for thought and tools for instilling and achieving a new level of success personally and professionally. .

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